Potluck Tips & Recipes

For our monthly Discussion and Potluck (see “Calendar of Events” and “What To Expect From A CRUUC Discussion & Potluck“), we provide the tables, chairs, plates, flatware, cups and napkins. Everyone else chips in to bring the rest.


  • Wine 🙂
  • Jug of Cold Lemonade or Ice Tea
  • Thermos of Hot Coffee (check with hosts to be sure we have hot cups)
  • Corn Chips & Hummus
  • Vegetables & Dip
  • A bowl of nuts or bar mix
  • A Salad (how can you go wrong with that!)
    • Costco has this awesome Sweet Kale salad, talk about quick and easy! It tastes great and looks beautiful. Looks like King Soopers carries something similar, too, either packaged or in the deli.
    • Coleslaw
    • A bowl of fruit
  • A meaty, cheesy, noodle-filled lasagne
  • A crock pot of soup, chili, baked beans (check with hosts to be sure we have bowls)
  • The Buckleys’ Famous Chicken: Get in your car. Drive to Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Purchase big pail of 20 or more pieces of oven baked chicken (or fried). Get back in car and drive to CRUUC meeting.
  • Store-bought or homemade cookies
  • A cake
  • A pie

Some of our members do have dietary restrictions and/or preferences. If you choose to make a dietary-specific potluck item, you might want to provide a list of ingredients or a label so those people know it’ll work for them. Of course, some of our members will eat anything. So bring it on!


Send yours by using the comment form below so we can share them!